Did a Storm Tear Up Your Roof?

Call our roofing contractor in Miramar Beach, FL for repairs

With beautiful sandy beaches and a community full of modern, attractive homes, Miramar Beach, Florida is a favorite spot for vacationers and families alike. Unfortunately, Florida is no stranger to extreme weather and a storm could threaten your roof unexpectedly. If your roof is damaged, call Lakeland Contractors, LLC. We provide swift roof repair services in the Miramar Beach, FL area.

Our roofing contractor will inspect your roof and give you an honest assessment of the damage. If it's possible to make a claim with your insurance company, we'll help you through the entire process. Once you're ready to move forward, we can take care of the repairs and get your roof back in tiptop shape.

Contact our roofing contractor today at 612-701-5081 to schedule an inspection.

How to know you need an inspection

It's not always obvious that your roof is damaged. If you're not sure what to do next, an inspection will give you complete peace of mind. You can also watch out for these signs that you need roof repair services:

  • Your shingles are curled, cracked or missing entirely
  • You find shingle granules collecting in your gutters
  • There's water damage on your interior walls or ceilings

Make sure your roof can protect your home from the elements. Schedule a roof inspection now.